Native Status Card

By Skye Hands

How did we get our Native Status Cards? Our Ancestors. Our Ancestors fought for our rights.  Although, we didn't get all our rights back, some remain. One of these benefits is not paying Taxes on our purchases using our status cards. I know will use it whenever I can. Although, my first experience using my Native Status Card, I was actually really nervous and embarrassed. None of my friends had it, and I never had the experience to see how the process worked. This was my first experience:

Standing at the cash register with the Cashier as she was sliding my items closer to her. I was standing there with my Native Status card. I quickly interrupted her before she started scanning my items.”Excuse me ms, I have a Native Status card”   I stood there, with a line of people behind me, were staring at the card I was holding in my hand as I passed it to the cashier. I handed the cashier my card, and she nodded at me. She pressed a couple of buttons on the keypad. Then she quickly scanned all my items through the till. When she had finished scanning the last item, she pulled out this big rectangular sheet and set it on the counter. She handed me a pen and simply told me to fill it out with my Status information. I looked down at the sheet, it had five sections for me to fill out. I have never had to fill out a sheet for my Status Card before. I glanced behind me at the other customers behind me waiting in line, with impatient looks. I quickly filled out the sheet and gave it back to the cashier. I paid the cashier and she handed me my receipt. As I was leaving I looked down at the receipt and I saved $8.67 from Taxes! $8 is not a lot, but it is definitely feels better to be in my pocket than the governments. 

After using my status card for the first time, I realized it's one of the benefits we have being native. Embrace it.