Omàmìwininì Membership

If you are of Omàmìwininì descent and would like to apply for membership, please complete the application package and submit it with documentation of ancestry and a passport photo. As per the guiding principles, a person will be recognized as a member of AAFNA and be entitled to the protection, rights and responsibilities of AAFNA when:

  • The person is of Omàmìwininì (Algonquin) descent and a member of a recognized family and has been by consensus, accepted by the Interim Council
  • The person is a recognized spouse of an AAFNA member with consent of the Interim Council
  • The person is a recognized adopted child of an AAFNA member with consent of the Interim Council
  • The person is a recognized adopted member of the community with the consent of the Interim Council. The individual will be recognized as a community member and welcomed by a Grand Council of AAFNA families in a public ceremony

Allied Membership

In keeping with the spirit and fluidity of our ancestors and our Elder Brother Wisakedjak, individuals who have dedicated themselves to the community and who have shown that they espouse the principles, teachings and values of Pimàdiziwin may apply for membership as an ally to the community. A person recognized as an allied member of AAFNA will be entitled to participate in cultural, social and ceremonial aspects of the community as appropriate. Allied membership carries with it the same responsibilities as Omàmìwininì membership, in that individuals are expected uphold the guiding principles and and to work with Omàmìwininì members to create a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. While allied members may speak at a council meeting, allied membership does not entitle individuals to make political or economic decisions about Omàmìwininì lands or resources.

Termination of Membership

Omàmìwininì and allied membership may be terminated by mutual consent of the Interim Council when:

  • An individual request their membership be terminated
  • An individual refuses by word or actions to comply with the policies, Guiding Principles, and spirit of mutual respect and benefit, which has been agreed upon at the time of their membership approval. The membership of such individuals shall be reviewed by the Interim Council and may be revoked if their actions have compromised the policies inherent in the Guiding Principles or they have endangered another member.


For more information about membership please contact 613-273-3530 or